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The idea of LuxAdmin has been around since January 1999. Since then LuxAdmin started offering services and grew very quickly. In July 2003 LuxAdmin started outsourcing its office administration to the Marc Schammel Networks.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, LuxAdmin grew fast and is today a leading company offering all kinds of internet services. From hosting to housing over web design via backup and mail solutions to customized, specialized web developpment jobs, LuxAdmin offers them all in an highly secure and reliable manner.

LuxAdmin`s main aim is to provide a proffessional and effective support, While extending our services in numerous ways we keep our knowledge up-to-date which helps us to grow with you, technology and the internet.

Business information:
VAT number: LU 17292801
VAT ID: 19730310237
Name: Marc Schammel Networks / LuxAdmin
Registration Year: 2000